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FAQs about Penis Stetching and the TuShy Extender

What exactly will I receive with my order?

We have 4 different models, the TuShy Starter, TuShy Deluxe & TuShy Gold & Premium. All four extender models come supplied with different items. Please refer to our comparison pages to see the different models. Watch this space. We are currently working on several new products.

How does you product compare to other penis enlargement devices?

Product efficiency is our number one priority. Our device, unlike several others was designed with your comfort in mind. Other penis enlargement devices may work however, they will not only be more uncomfortable but will take a lot longers as the tension applied is not very high. The TuShy Extender comes with our exclusive silicone comfort strap design. This allows you to wear the TuShy Extender for longer periods of time.

Is this procedure painful?

No. You may feel a little sore the first few times due to the stretching. After a few days, it will feel natural and comfortable.

Is the growth Permanent?

Yes, growth is 100% permanent.

How does the girth increase?

Like a balloon muscle tissue expands in all directions when stretched. Due to the general tissue expansion, the girth increases as well as the length.

What’s the maximum size that can be attained?

Increase in penis length and/or girth depends on the current size as well as usage. Our studies indicate an average increase of 0.33 inches per existing inch. For example; if your current erect size is 6 inches, you will attain a maximum increase of approximately 2 inches totaling 8 inches.

Does the use of the TuShy Extender require help from a Doctor?

Medical consultation is always recommended for this type of procedure. However, it is not critical. The TuShy Extender comes with an easy to understand DVD user guide. You also have access to our website and are able to contact us 24hours a day via our customer support helpdesk.

Are there any side effects?

No, the use of the TuShy Extender has no influence on erections, urination or fertility. The TuShy Extender does not cause allergic reaction. Some initial soreness is normal.

What happens in case of erection while the TuShy Extender is worn?

The TuShy Extender either adjusts to the given erection angle or simply glides off smoothly. Simply reapply the TuShy Extender when your penis returns to its flaccid state.

Do I have to wear the TuShy Extender daily?

No, you can wear the TuShy Extender as you please. The results depend on the total amount of hours worn.

Does the TuShy Extender help in case of a curved penis?

Yes! The TuShy Extender has been proved efficient in straightening the penis and helping those who suffer from Peyronie's Disease.

Where can I purchase the TuShy extender?

You can only purchase the TuShy Version from authorised re-sellers. You can purchase direct from TuShyextender.com. Please visit our authorised re-sellers page. Remember, If a seller is not listed on this page you should be weary of purchasing from them. Only the TuShy will give you the full 3 in 1 complete system with 2300g tension springs.

How do you compare to other extenders on the market?

Very well, infact probably the best. Our Penis extender is engineered in Denmark by Danamedic. Our extender has been featured on TV, (Jonathan Ross show) and no other extender on the market gives you 2300g of tension. For some more comparisons please see our comparison pages.

Do you offer an all in 1 hybrid support piece?

No, having tested the single end pieces for strength and durability we found a single end piece only weakens the product. The end pieces are not designed to be worn at the same time but rather as an alternative methods. For this reason we supply seperate end pieces for each method, Silicone noose, comfort strap & Velcro Grip.

Do you sell a wide girth adaptor?

No, we do not believe in gimmicks that do not work. The standard base is designed to fit all sizes. Other companies are selling extra wide girth adaptors that do not work. Don't be conned into buying one of these. Take a look at our videos and see the problems first.

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