all in one penis extender

The all in one penis extender system named the tushy extender is designed to offer men all aspects of comfort and design technology.

The tushy penis extender is the only penis extender in the world to offer a dedicated noose and comfort medical grade end piece as standard and the only penis enlargement device to offer comfort straps silicone noose straps and velcro straps in a standard penis extender package.

Most men considering a purchase of a penis enlargement device will only ever purchase one device in there life time so it makes good sense to get the most versatile device that offers all possible options including design quality and value for money.

Compare the tushy extender to other enlargement devices and you will find we have the greatest spring tension offering a massive 2300 g tension upgrade free with all deluxe and gold deluxe models. Compare are prices to other similar devices of quality and you will find we are very competitive.

We also offer a life time guarantee with all our extenders covering general wear and tear so you can be confident you will never need to replace the tushy extender.

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