Tushy Extender Scam

The explosion and growth of the internet was one of the best things that has happened over the last 20 years. There is more information than ever available within seconds.

There are billions of pages of information along with the abililty to promote products and reach a much wider target audience at the end of your fingertips.

This is a good thing but it is worth noting that along with the good comes the bad and the ugly. Being able to write what you want on the internet means you will find false and misleading information also. It’s very easy to spread lies and make up stories about people and products. Especially if you work for a rival penis extender company like the X4 labs.

We recently experienced exactly this with the jealous people at X4. Sam & Rick  the sad owners of X4 are becoming increasingly worried about the lack of sales and the impact since the launch of the Tushy Extender. There best efforts of making up lies and false stories pretending to be customers that had a bad experience with stolen credit card details and poorly made products have extender to scam websites such as scam.com and complaintsboard.com

Apart from a very contradicting story about how a made up customer had credit card info stolen they continue to say this very same fraudulent website went on to send the customer we was ripping off the product they ordered :o ).. strange that..

One of the websites Sam / Rick have chosen to spout out there lies was 419legal.org but there stories and username they have made up have been proven to be lies. The administrators of this website have now banned the fake user from posting any more messages under any of there aliases. They also list there other usernames.

The post can be seen here, http://www.419legal.org/scam-alerts/92799-tushy-extenders-scam.html

In light of these stories and allegations TuShy Limited has released this statement.

“It’s plain to see when reading the above forum that the recent comments on several scam websites are false and have been made up by a competitor.

TuShy Limited are a legitimate limited company based in the UK. Company number, 07051497. Our distribution channel through Butler White Limited uses www.paypoint.net for taking secure payments online.

Since the launch of the Tushy Extender we have many happy customers and no complaints, if anyone has a problem with there purchase they are welcome to get in touch with our customer support centre.

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