There are several vimax products on the market and i have  to say the only vimax product that could actually work is the pro vimax formula.

The pro vimax formula is a powerful 1600 mg supplement that is packet with high volume ingredients proven to enhance the libido and increase blood flow to the male genital area.

The vimax patch is a complete scam as all it is is a menthol patch it might help some one with cold symptoms but it certainly wont increase your manhood.

It is worth mentioning at this point that pro vimax is engineered and designed by a science research team based within the EU and the product is actually manufactured in the US in an FDA approved facility.

The original vimax formula is said to be an 800mg supplement but if you purchase a bottle you will see that it only contains 200mgs of ingredients and 25% of these ingredients are pure fillers. The bottle vimax formula has some great reviews but if you look at these reviews you will find they are all affiliate web sites and they all get paid by the  manufacturers web site  for giving them a good review.

The original formula vimax is also said to be made in the US in an {FDA FACILITIY} but this is false information from the manufacturer as the product is made in Canada.

The bottle formula vimax is also not manufactured or developed by a scientific research company. It is actually made for an Internet marketing company named oa Internet services.

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