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Extender Science : Tissue Expansion as a means for Penis Enlargement

There is no secret about the science behind penile tissue expansion. Using techniques that people have been using for centuries, scientists have simply taken basic principles of traction and applied it to penis tissues. This practice is frequently used for burn victims, plastic surgery patients and those with coetaneous defects – all needing traction to promote skin re-growth.

Ancient cultures used traction to stretch various body parts. In Birmania, Giraffe women from the Paduang tribe employed means of traction to extend their necks. Other tribes from Africa and the Amazon had similar ideas, attaching small weights to lips and ears.

These are not recent discoveries and have been in use in the medical field for decades. The penis works in much the same way. TuShy designed an extender that would enlarge the penis by means of traction.  It relaxes the surrounding muscles and lets the skin grow back stronger and more robust than ever.

The Science of Stretching

Any skin that is put through a regular series of stretching exercises eventually experiences growth. Microscopic skin cells collapse and then multiply as it attempts to heal. This repeated action is known as traction and it is what leads to penis length and girth expansion. If done properly in a regular fashion, the stretching should be painless.

Since the process should be done over an extended period of time, the penis has time to adjust to the new size, thus creating permanent results. This popular technique is used in other scientific fields; doctors treat burn victims and other patients require skin re-growth to heal their wounds.

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