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Exclusive 3-in-1 TuShy Penis Extender complete Support System

Spare Parts: New and improved comfort straps!

Introducing the all-new redesigned "Complete support system"! Based on your feedback, we were able to redesign and improve the already-successful straps to better serve your needs. Just when you thought our straps couldn't get any more comfortable, we have re-engineered and perfected the straps to make them truly last.

These new straps are stronger, easier to attach and detach, and more comfortable than ever before.

We listened and you got what asked for: A totally perfected model that will outlast, outshine and outdo our competition in every way.

Perfect comfort straps : Standard on every Extender

Traditional noose straps

The whole penis extender market has gone crazy for the new comfort straps. Don't forget that these penis stretching devices have been around for many years before the comfort strap was invented. Tens of thousands of people have experienced girth and length increases whilst using the original noose type extender.

Many people still prefer the original extenders and for this reason we will continue to supply the noose adaptors.

Original noose straps : Standard with Deluxe & Gold extender

Velcro grip strap

The latest velcro strap gives you ultimate control on how tight and comfortable you want your extender. Fully adjustable vecro straps are the latest to be used with penis extenders.

Velcro straps : Standard with TuShy Gold extender

New Improved TuShy Penis Extender upgrade kit

If you own one of the many noose type penis extenders on the market there is good news for you.

You don't have to spend lots of money on replacing your current extender. Even if you already own an extender with comfort straps like the TuShy extender you can still upgrade your current tension springs and straps with our extender converter kit.

Using the same base you can experience the same comfortable growth that the TuShy extender owners experience to. Our Upgrade kit is tailored to your current extender. Our upgrade kit comes complete with comfort straps, Velcro straps, you will also get 2 extra bars for Andro penis extender owners to convert.

You can also have the option to upgrade to the latest 2300g tension springs.

2300g Tension springs

Many extenders will take you longer than you want to reach your desired goals. That is because the tension applied is just not enough to give you the gains you desire.

The latest TuShy 2300g tension springs are designed to help you reach your targets in a reasonable timescale. Our Deluxe & Gold extenders come with standard 1500g and 2300g tension springs, they are designed for you to "step up" the tension of your extender after several weeks or months once you are comfortable with the extenders usage.

2300g tension springs : Standard with Deluxe & Gold extender

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