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In the beginning I was very doubtful about the things I heard about the TuShy Extender. I previously had a complex about my penis and didn't want to have sex. When erect it was 14.3cm, after 19 months use and an average stretch time every day of 20-22 hours it's now 26.5 cm. My girlfriend who previously made fun of my penis doesn't make so much fun anymore :) I'm very satisfied with my purchase.
R Jennings

I received the extender on May 1,2004 in good order. The quality of construction, attention to detail and finish is impressive in today's injection molded plastic, disposable junk marketplace and is truly impressive. The quality of the machining and finish is second to none and is truly medical grade equipment. When I first ordered I was somewhat skeptical about the product's cost but you have truly delivered a quality product. I am so impressed that I just ordered some of the accessories for the Extender as it is a traction device that I intend to put to the test to see if it measures up, pun intended

I noticed something, since Ive been using the TuShy EXTENDER with the comfort strap, my hormone levels have drastically raised. My sex drive is higher, and my testicles look bigger. Have you ever heard of these kind of results?

I really like the device and what it has already done for me. I just thought it would last longer with the new improvement. I need one as fast as I can get it as I use the device nearly every day and have incresed in length over an inch!!! Thanks,

I have been using the TuShy extender since 1/6/09 after having enlargement surgery in New York 22/3/09, the surgeon suggested using the weight system but having used this after an earlier failed operation and the lack of results from using the weights I decided to try the TuShy extender. I am extremely pleased with the results so far up to the end of August I have seen 0.5" gain in length and 0.25 in girth no other method I have tried has given me such positive results in such a short period, I cannot thank you enough for such an excellent product.

...By the way, I have been wearing my extender for 4-6 hours each day since April 2003 ( 8 months) and have gained 1" in length (6.5" to 7.5"). I couldn't be happier with the results thus far.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the product. The only thing I had to purchase since then was silicone tubes. In general, I cannot express how grateful I am. I would say that the TuShy Extender was the best gift I've ever made to myself!

I simply can't believe it. I have been using your product for about 6 months. My penis is obviously enlarged. My self steam has improved a lot, and I can tell you that my girlfriend is very pleased. She has told me, that she can feel a significant difference during sexual acts.

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